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Get Out of the Closet℠

Is getting dressed in the morning dragging you down?  Are your clothes looking out of style or like they need a lift?  Is it difficult for you to decide what to wear and how to accessorize?  Is it taking you too long to “get out of the closet”?

Let e=mc2 help you put your closet in perspective so you can get out of the closet and off to work or play.  This workshop will teach you how to let go of those clothing items that no longer need to be taking up sacred space in your closet and drawers.  Learn to design your wardrobe around your needs and make it easier for you to “get out of the closet”.

Paper Paparazzi℠

Do you feel like you are on an archaeological dig each day when going through your papers, mail, e-mails, faxes, school papers or work related papers?  Learn how to tame those piles and go home with an action file for incoming papers and mail.

Home Organizing Party℠

Get a group of ten or more friends together and book a home organizing party.  Have fun with your friends learning time management and organizing skills.  You and your guests will also have an opportunity to purchase exclusive organizing products.

Kill Your Klutter℠

Is your clutter bogging you down?  Do you feel like you have so much to do and so little time to do it?  Are you eager to have friends and family over to your house, but there is no where to hide the clutter?

This six-week workshop will address your organizational needs and dilemmas.  Set your goals, learn the skills, go home and implement the skills, and Coach Sandi will hold you accountable for meeting your goals.  Take this workshop and “Kill Your Klutter” for good!

Einstein’s Theory to Organization℠

Learn to efficiently manage your chaos and clutter.  Einstein’s Theory to Organization is relative to your needs.  This group coaching session will take you through the steps you need to learn to get organized and stay organized.  3 month group coaching commitment with an opportunity to continue the group coaching sessions.

The Great Balancing Act℠

Are you looking for direction in your life?  Do you want to learn how to set goals and meet those goals?  Are you ready for something different, but don’t know how to get there?  Do you feel too busy to focus on yourself and your life goals?

Join this life coaching group and create balance in your life.  A 3 month group coaching commitment is required.  Meet once a week for 3 months and create “The Great Balancing Act” in your life.

For information or to sign up for a workshop,
contact Sandra Einstein at